Monday, 12 September 2011

Longhorn Transformation Pack

 Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.5

 User Rating: Very Good (4.2/5)

Update your Windows XP with Longhorn GUI by adding some themes and patch system files

Want to change the looks of your Windows XP and make it look like the upcoming Microsoft Longhorn?

This is another brand new release of the one and only Longhorn Transformation Pack.

This small piece of software will transform your Windows XP (and SP2) or Windows Server 2003 into the best looking Longhorn port that is available right now, without any extra software!


Windows XP (SP1/SP2) or Windows 2003

-Added "Automatic Transformation" and "I don't want to perform system files transforming" transforming mode options (Safemode required)
-Added Norton Antivirus 2005 compatibility support
-Added Uninstallation Mode like Transformation Mode for better way to handle each case
-Added Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Pre-SP3 uxtheme.dll hotfix patching support
-Fixed "Manual Transformation" to run in safe mode only
-Fixed invalid boot screen resources
-Fixed SideBar to have no transparency by default
-Removed obsolete 64-bit patched uxtheme.dll file
-Updated Aero Style 2.0 visual style
|-Fixed incorrent font name
|-Fixed wrong shellstyle folder name for Aero Style (Glass - Thin TaskBar)
|-Updated Aero Style (Glass)

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