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Earn money online HOW TO START WITH PTC (Tutorial)With Payment Proof

The term PTC means paid to click. A PTC site is an online service where you get paid to Click. On such a site different advertisements will be shown. You have to be a member of that site simply free. Then you have to click and watch the ads for some seconds. After the time frame is over (usually around 10 to 30 seconds) you get paid. Not much, only some cents for each ad, but it adds up the more ads you click, especially on a daily basis. Most times you can also earn from members you have referred to a PTC site. Say you have invited your friend to join a PTC like Neobux for example, whenever he/she clicks an ad, you'll get paid too. Imagine the income potential with so many referrals...! The PTC is becoming famous day by day because..........
      No SKILL required working with PTC sites.
      Joining PTC is completely FREE.
      It is an online earning scheme without any INVESTMENT.
      Even no previous EXPERIENCE is required for PTC earning.

Let’s discuss about how to start earning by PTC. You are simply three steps behind and it will take only a few minutes to start. I am writing the procedures step by step (for the very beginners) below for your well understanding.
STEP 1 : Create a new email account: First of all make a new email account for your own use from gmail/hotmail/yahoo (as you need a spam free email account).
STEP 2: Create an alertpay account: Now you have to create an Alertpay account for receiving the money from your earning PTC website. You will find two types account (personal and business). To make it totally free you have to create a personal account (Please use your new spam free email account here). To create an Alertpay account, please click here.
STEP 3: Start earning with PTC: Now open a PTC site. You usually click "join now”,” register" or "signup" to go to the register page. And you are required to finish a form. Then you maybe required opening your E-mail to see if there is a confirmation mail and you should click the confirmation link in the mail. The next is to login by clicking on “LOGIN” in the site with your username (or E-mail address) and password. If you successfully login, click "VIEW ADS" or "SURF ADS" to do PTC. Then you will see a list of links of ads. Click one of the available links of ads. A new page will be opened and stay with that page for 20 or 30 seconds. At last there will appear a picture.
This will confirm your earning from that click. Remember both “Done” and the tick mark should be needed. Then you can turn to another ad and click once more. In this way you will visit all the ads for that day one after one and after finishing all u will refresh that page for any other extra link. To see your earning for that day click on “MY STATS”.

For earns money first create account in this link
For create a free account  just click on below Alertpay banner :

Then use these PTC url for earns : For create a free account  just click on given banners

1:           Neobux

Minimum payout for a free member : 2.00$
Payment Proof:

Neobux Ad prize Proof

2nd Proof      

2:          Clixsense

Minimum payout for a free member : 10.00$ 
Payment Proof:


Minimum payout for a free member : 1.00$ 
Payment Proof:

4:Donkeymails No 

Minimum Payout

Minimum payout for a free member :0.1-1.00$
Payment Proof:

 Important notes:  just click on any link
  (not any Spam )
For fast browsing recommended : Firefox browser

Remember, there are numerous PTC sites in the Internet. A large number of people search in the Internet for a genuine PTC site since most of them are fraud and does not pay. So you have to find and join some reliable and trusted PTC sites which are paying much more members worldwide. Here you can get some reliable and trusted PTC site links for your personal use. Just click to any link for registration:

How Much Can You Earn From Ptc Sites
This was the question that came in my mind when I’d found the ptc sites for the first time. Now, the answer for this question is different from one ptc to another.
For example if you click on 6 ads/day each bringing you $0.01 and with $0.01 earned for every referral click, here’s what you will have at the end of the day:
$0.06 for your clicks
$1.20 for your referrals clicks (let’s say you have only 20 referrals)
Then, your daily earnings will become $1.26; your monthly earning will be $ 37.8; annual earning….well you got the point…
This example was for only 6 ads per day and only 20 referrals, but usually there is nothing stopping you from getting more and more people signup to these kind of websites, and also usually there are more than 6 ads per day on a free membership (a paid membership brings you either more ads per day either better paid ads).
Now you can say ….”I don’t know how to bring referrals” and still you would have no problem at all because you can buy referrals, or even rent them from your ptc site. There is still a downside to renting referrals, and that is – some of them will be inactive therefore will not help you too much, so you could start renting small packages of refs, see how they work and then pass on to a bigger package.
Most of all you shouldn’t rush in buying refs if you do not trust the ptc 100%. First search for information about that ptc, then test it and only after you had no problems with it you can go further with buying/renting refs.

 How to create a free alert pay account.