Wednesday, 31 August 2011

3D Analyzer v2.37b Lillium Edition and v236

3D Analyzer v2.37b Lillium Edition
3D Analyzer is a program to analyze and test the performance of 3D card, and improve your 3D gaming performance in a remarkable way. Lillium Edition es una modificacion que mejora el aspecto del programa y traduce sus textos al español. Lillium Edition is a modification that improves the appearance of the program and translate your texts into Spanish.

Para ello te permite cambiar las distintas características de tu tajeta, e ir probando rendimientos (especial atención merecen las DirectX). This allows you to change various features of your card charging, and keep trying yield (special attention are the DirectX). Con ello conseguiremos optimizar su rendimiento, sobre todo si tu CPU te lo permite, aún teniendo una tarjeta de gama baja. Thereby achieve optimum performance, especially if your CPU allows, even with a low end card. El programa soporta tanto Direct3D como OpenGL, según sea el juego para el que vamos a optimizar el sistema. The program supports both Direct3D and OpenGL, as the game we are going to optimize the system. Para ello sólo debemos seleccionar donde se encuentra el ejecutable del juego elegido. You only have to select where the game executable chosen.

El programa tambien nos permite hacer creer a cualquier juego o aplicacion que poseemos determinado pixel shader. The program also allows us to believe any game or application that we have given pixel shader. Esto es muy util cuando no tenemos Pixel Shader 2.0 y alguna aplicacion nos lo pide (Ej: Top Spin 2). This is very useful when you do not have Pixel Shader 2.0 and asks us to any application (eg, Top Spin 2). Ademas tambien nos permite limitar nuestro shader a determinada version lo cual nos permite no gastar tantos recursos en efectos especiales. In addition also allows us to limit our shader to a particular version which allows us to not spend so much on special effects.

How to use 3d Analyzer:

The 3D Analyzer Tool was created and refined to overcome limitations
posed by modern 3D Games and other Applications on several current
mainstream 3D Cards.
Basic functionality will equip non-T&L cards with a software substitute.
Advanced functionality will enable User selectable 3D Features not
available in many older Cards.
Yet, this is presently achieved not by Emulation but by NUL-Rendering.
This means, advanced 3D Features the Card is not capable of, are reported
as available in Hardware, but have their calls intercepted and the
respective 3D Features will not be rendered.
These functions are based upon the premise and ideas, that :
- 3D Games can be launched, that otherwise would fail due to lack of
  Hardware support.
- No 3D Game should solely rely on a few, isolated rendering features, and
  therefor loss of image quality by NUL-Rendering 'should' be minimal and
  acceptable in most cases.

 How play games with out graph card

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